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Re: [tlug] Font Sizes in (X)emacs

Stephen wrote:

> Ie, how could we have made it
> easier for you (and everyone who thinks like you)

I don't know how, exactly, I am supposed to take this, but I will
address this below.

>to find it?

In Emacs, I was able to set the fonts larger for a single session the
first time I ran it. But in Xemacs, when one clicks on

Options >> Font Size

and chooses a larger font, what one gets (or at least, what I get) is
not a change in the size of my document font, but the font on the tab at
the top of the document that gives the file/buffer name. Doesn't this
seem odd to you? I does to me.

But aside from that, if you are bothered by "people who think like me",
I'll spare you the trouble and sign off TLUG right now, because if I
stay on, I a bound to continue to ask beginner-type questions, and there
are enough lists out there where I can get information without being
insulted or derided, by immature persons, so I certainly don't need to
stay and put up with it. You don't need bother replying to the list,
because I won't be here when you do. I was warned by a few people that
the Emacs priests were like this, and I should have listened. Have fun
with your odd little program.




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