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Re: [tlug] Japanese input with Galeon?

Shimpei Yamashita wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 04:23:29PM -0500,
> Josh Glover wrote:
>>Problem, when I fire it up with my usual incantation:
>>LANG=ja_JP galeon
>>all the menus are in Japanese. "Of course they are, you moron!" you may 
>>be saying (especially if you are Steve Turnbull! ;). So I tried:
> <turnbull>Of course they are, you moron!</turnbull>

<turnbull>But why aren't you using XEmacs for web browsing, 


> For reference, read the man page for locale(1).

Thanks. This was a matter of me not knowing which M to RTF!

Josh Glover <>

Computer Science Undergrad
"No segfault, no problem!"

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