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[tlug] Japanese input with Galeon?

So I grabbed Galeon, which is faster and a bit more stable than actual 
Mozilla, mainly because it doesn't render its own UI (whose brain-dead 
idea was that again?).

Problem, when I fire it up with my usual incantation:

LANG=ja_JP galeon

all the menus are in Japanese. "Of course they are, you moron!" you may 
be saying (especially if you are Steve Turnbull! ;). So I tried:

LANG=ja_JP LC_ALL=en galeon

which had the desired result of making the menus come out in English, 
but Japanese input would not work. I know that XIM in its current state 
will not allow you to input a language that is not your LANG, but I 
thought that it would not be bothered if LC_ALL was something else. I 
guess I am confused... ? Anyone care to straighten me out?

What I want to do is have menus and dialogues in Eigo while still being 
  able to input Nihongo. Please help me, for I am still young and 
confused about the Way of XIM.


Josh Glover <>

Computer Science Undergrad
"No segfault, no problem!"

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