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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Muller <> writes:

    Charles> Stephen wrote,
    >> True, so far I've only done a tiny bit of X[HT]ML authoring in
    >> UTF-8, proof of concept.  But definitely, lack of a
    >> satisfactory XML editor that handles UTF-8 is not going to be a
    >> bottleneck.

    Charles> Are you saying that you do UTF-8/XML authoring inputting
    Charles> CJK in Xemacs? If so, would it be possible for you to
    Charles> offer a hint as to how to set this up?

Get XEmacs 21.4 (21.1 is not capable of handling UTF-8 effectively due
to changes in an important subsystem, 21.4 also has UTF-8

Get the leim, mule-ucs, and skk packages and any dependencies (get the
sumo-mule or use M-x list-packages with "get required packages" option

Get the psgml package.  (Regular sumo or M-x list-packages.)

Read the mule-ucs docs (Info or the README.XEmacs) for how to set up
init.el/.emacs (it's a new package, nevertheless it probably will be
deprecated within months as XEmacs 21.5 has native Unicode support, so
I don't autoload it---and the fact that in the default config, the
Unicode tables bump the VM footprint by about 3MB also militates
against autoloading ;-).

Start XEmacs, and there you go.  You may need to save new files with
C-u C-x C-w filename RET utf-8 RET; I haven't played with this enough
to figure out some of the weirdnesses.  There also was some brokenness
in PSGML XML support; PSGML didn't start up in XML mode for some files
(I think it was XHTML) and it would complain about the ":" characters
which are legal in XML tags but not in HTML).

As I wrote, a certain degree of skepticism is warranted.  Emacs isn't
for everybody, and this is still new functionality.  But if you're
willing to try it, let me know what you don't like and I'll fix it or
twist arms to get it fixed.

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              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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