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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

I am stuck at a very simple point this UCS/Emacs matter:

On Sat, 2002-03-16 at 02:05, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

AFAICT, my present Emacs setup seems to already have all the necessary
packages except for mule-ucs. But whenever I try to find it, for
example, at

I cannot locate a single downloadable package anywhere that has the name
mule-ucs. I have read through a number of the text files posted in these
directories, but cannot find an explanation that solves my problem.

Apparently Debian users are able to download a single package, but I
don't see anything for the rest of us.



> Get the leim, mule-ucs, and skk packages and any dependencies (get the
> sumo-mule or use M-x list-packages with "get required packages" option
> on).
> Get the psgml package.  (Regular sumo or M-x list-packages.)
> Read the mule-ucs docs (Info or the README.XEmacs) for how to set up
> init.el/.emacs (it's a new package, nevertheless it probably will be
> deprecated within months as XEmacs 21.5 has native Unicode support, so
> I don't autoload it---and the fact that in the default config, the
> Unicode tables bump the VM footprint by about 3MB also militates
> against autoloading ;-).
> Start XEmacs, and there you go.  You may need to save new files with
> C-u C-x C-w filename RET utf-8 RET; I haven't played with this enough
> to figure out some of the weirdnesses.  There also was some brokenness
> in PSGML XML support; PSGML didn't start up in XML mode for some files
> (I think it was XHTML) and it would complain about the ":" characters
> which are legal in XML tags but not in HTML).
> As I wrote, a certain degree of skepticism is warranted.  Emacs isn't
> for everybody, and this is still new functionality.  But if you're
> willing to try it, let me know what you don't like and I'll fix it or
> twist arms to get it fixed.
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