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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

[Charles Muller ([tlug] epcEditor) writes:]
>> I don't know how many of you are working extensively with XML/SGML, but I
>> was presently surprised this evening when I downloaded the epcEditor and
>> found that it handled my CJK-English dictionaries, flawlessly rendering the
>> mixed Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text in UTF-8.
>> (

I have looked around the docs of this and a couple of questions come up:

(a) how is it for IME issues? I particularly ask this because it it
clearly makes a lot of use of Tcl/Tk, which has a lot of problems
with IME engagement (I should say it's not actually Tcl/Tk's problem,
but more the problem of POSIX locales, which they have implemented to
the letter.) If I have to switch to a totally Japanese locale to be able
to run it with an IME, I won't pursue it.

(b) the Linux installation guide says: "the Linux package comes with a 
graphical installation software and a complete Tcl/Tk system and is 
used to install both Tcl/Tk and epcEdit on your system."

Does it give you the chance to skip the Tcl/Tk installation? If not, I
think I'll be backing away with my fingers crossed. At least once before
I have been caught by a pkg installation which thoughtfully installed
Tcl/Tk for me. Trouble was that it installed it half on top of and half
in different places to my existing Tcl/Tk and I ended up with two broken
Tcl/Tk installations, and umpteen hours of hand fixing.

I see that it says it only works with Tcl/Tk 8.3.2. I hope it implies
"or later". Some of us are onto 8.4.

I might add that this is not freeware. It has a free 30-day demo and
after that you have to buy it ($US350, or $US99 for academic use.).


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