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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

Jim Breen wrote:

> I have looked around the docs of this and a couple of questions come up:
> (a) how is it for IME issues? I particularly ask this because it it
> clearly makes a lot of use of Tcl/Tk, which has a lot of problems
> with IME engagement (I should say it's not actually Tcl/Tk's problem,
> but more the problem of POSIX locales, which they have implemented to
> the letter.) If I have to switch to a totally Japanese locale to be able
> to run it with an IME, I won't pursue it.

I can see that this is something that I should have checked before
spreading the word about this program. Indeed, the Japanese IME in
Mandrake seems not to work in this program. The other issues are beyond
the scope of my technical grasp, but I am still delighted to see an XML
program appear for the Linux platform that handles UTF-8 so well.



> (b) the Linux installation guide says: "the Linux package comes with a 
> graphical installation software and a complete Tcl/Tk system and is 
> used to install both Tcl/Tk and epcEdit on your system."
> Does it give you the chance to skip the Tcl/Tk installation? If not, I
> think I'll be backing away with my fingers crossed. At least once before
> I have been caught by a pkg installation which thoughtfully installed
> Tcl/Tk for me. Trouble was that it installed it half on top of and half
> in different places to my existing Tcl/Tk and I ended up with two broken
> Tcl/Tk installations, and umpteen hours of hand fixing.
> I see that it says it only works with Tcl/Tk 8.3.2. I hope it implies
> "or later". Some of us are onto 8.4.
> I might add that this is not freeware. It has a free 30-day demo and
> after that you have to buy it ($US350, or $US99 for academic use.).
> Jim
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