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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Muller <> writes:

    Charles> I am still delighted to see an XML program appear for the
    Charles> Linux platform that handles UTF-8 so well.

A program that doesn't do input is usually called a "demo", unless you
call it "wallpaper" or "screensaver".

I'm sure the program has many admirable features, but for now,
"handling UTF-8 well" means interfacing to systems lacking a wide
selection of Unicode fonts and input methods.

It sounds like epcEditor does at most half of that, and that much is
almost certainly handled by Tcl, not the application code.

This is a valid strategy, of course: build on top of an actively
developed language implementation and wait for the language facilities
to catch up.  But direct your admiration at the parts of the program
they did well, not the parts where they simply were smart enough to
make the choice of doing nothing.  ;-)

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              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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