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RE: [tlug] epcEditor

Stephen wrote:

> A program that doesn't do input is usually called a "demo", unless you
> call it "wallpaper" or "screensaver".

Apparently I should have been clearer.

Of course you can do input. It is just that it seems like the Japanese IME
in Mandrake does not seem to be compatible at this time.

I doubt if one can truly judge the value of a program like this unless one
is spending the main portion of his or her time creating and editing
multilingual UTF-8 XML documents. I, for one, am delighted to see any
software company make the effort to provide an application for XML authors
that, as distinguished from competing packages like XML Spy and XMetal,
installs and works quite well on the Linux platform--even if one might have
to spend a couple of yen to use it.

As someone with end-user-only computing skills, I simply cannot afford to
take such a radical approach. Otherwise I'll end up having to spend the rest
of my life figuring how to make Emacs my word processor. I simply can't do



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