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Re: [tlug] multiuser

That's exactly right! Do we have such terminal programs on Linux? If so,
just advise me what it is? Thank you for understanding me.


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From: "Yamagata Hiroo" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 12:49 AM
Subject: Re: [tlug] multiuser

> So the question here is not literaly whether this sounds stupid or not,
> but rather what is actually needed, right?
> So this will depend on what you mean by "share".
> 1. If you have a single linux machine (machine A) on a network, other
> users can log into that linux machine (A) from other machines (B,C,D...)
> using telnet, or ssh. By doing this, you are sharing the services and
> resources on machine A
> To do this, you need to have a working network, "other" machnes with
> terminal programs on them, and you need to open the appropreate ports.
> 2. If you have one machine and no network, I think you can hook up a
> serial console on your machine's serial port. If you have serial
> termilals or dumb terminals, teletypes, you can use them, but it is
> unlikely that you have this sort of relics lying around, probably you
> will opt for another computer running a terminal program again.
> If all you want is one extra terminal, then you only need the other
> terminal (or the machine). If you want more, there are pci cards that
> have like 10 serial ports on them. Separate people can log on and use a
> single machine from different terminals on those serial ports.
> Same difference, but you can have one through the serial port, one
> through the modem.
> So is this what you had in mind?
> --
> Yamagata <>

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