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Re: [tlug] multiuser

So the question here is not literaly whether this sounds stupid or not,
but rather what is actually needed, right?

So this will depend on what you mean by "share".

1. If you have a single linux machine (machine A) on a network, other
users can log into that linux machine (A) from other machines (B,C,D...)
using telnet, or ssh. By doing this, you are sharing the services and
resources on machine A 

To do this, you need to have a working network, "other" machnes with
terminal programs on them, and you need to open the appropreate ports.

2. If you have one machine and no network, I think you can hook up a
serial console on your machine's serial port. If you have serial
termilals or dumb terminals, teletypes, you can use them, but it is
unlikely that you have this sort of relics lying around, probably you
will opt for another computer running a terminal program again.

If all you want is one extra terminal, then you only need the other
terminal (or the machine). If you want more, there are pci cards that
have like 10 serial ports on them. Separate people can log on and use a
single machine from different terminals on those serial ports.

Same difference, but you can have one through the serial port, one
through the modem.

So is this what you had in mind?
Yamagata <>

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