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[tlug] Re: multiuser

A.Sajjad Zaidi wrote:

> The i386 architecture doesnt accommodate more than one physical user at
> the same machine. You can have more than 1 video card, keyboard and
> mouse (via PS/2 and USB), but they can only be used one at a time or by
> one user.

Actually it should be possible to put in a second GFX card supported by
X, add another usb mouse and keyboard and start two X servers, one
configured to use one card and one set of mouse and keyboard, another
one to use the other set. Starting up two servers on two GFX is no big
problem. However I am not sure if the current usb HID infrastructure
allows mapping one keyboard to one virtual terminal and the other to
another. Same for mice. But it should be possible, maybe with some

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