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Re: [tlug] multiuser

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No, it doesnt sound stupid. Like a certain Mr.Garrison says, "there are
no stupid questions, only stupid people". :-)

The i386 architecture doesnt accommodate more than one physical user at
the same machine. You can have more than 1 video card, keyboard and
mouse (via PS/2 and USB), but they can only be used one at a time or by
one user.

By a multiuser OS, it means 2 things. one, that many users can login at
the console, but only work one at a time. This isnt much of an
advantage when compared to other proprietary OSs.

More importantly, it means that multiple users, logged in over a
network (or serial) connection can use it. Even the X Windowing System
is designed for this.

For example, since my machine is a little low on memory and CPU, I run
VMware on another Linux machine, with gobs of memory and 2 CPUs, and
redirect the display to my machine. Other users can do the same.

You can have hundreds (or even thousands, depending on the configuration
and hardware) of users logged into one machine, working or playing

hope that clears it up.

- -- 

On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 12:34:44PM +0900, hatsuhiro wrote:
> Linux is a multiuser OS. However, does it sound too stupid if I ask how we
> can share a single Linux box with many users at the same time? The PC box
> could have at least a few sets of keyboards and displays. What do you say?
> Please tell me relevant hardware like PCI cards if any.
> Hoshino

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