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Re: [tlug] multiuser

> Not quite well, but I'll take that "the i386 architecture doesn't
> accommodate more than one physical user at the same machine" at once.

This is not a shortcoming of the i386 architecture, but a shortcoming of basic
physical laws.  It is difficult to have an object occupy the same coordinates in
space-time as another object.  Ergo, one should not try to use a monitor and keyboard
that is in use by another user.

> However, suppose that we had three i386 machines connected to each other
> with Ethernet, and installed one and only one Linux OS with some
> applications without diskless technology. Even in this case, is that still
> impossible? Why?

Because computers do not operate without executable instructions.  Period.  It
doesn't matter if the machine is i386, alpha, sparc, or pdp11 -- without code telling
the CPU how to talk to your server, the machine is a paperweight.

Get network cards with boot PROMS, rig the central server to serve diskless
workstations, and read John Little's X terminal howto.  And, please, respect the laws
of physics.

-- Chris

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