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Re: nic config [was: [tlug] RH7.2 - no linuxconf?]

thanks sajjad, and sorry for having misspelled your name.

now i've figured that the pcmcia cardmgr looks for the module file whenever
it gets a hotplug event. if i compile the driver into the kernel, however,
it cannot find the module and the network pc card will not be working. so it
seems that some drivers just cannot be compiled into the kernel (like pcmcia
card drivers) and must be available as modules.

right or wrong?


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From: "A.Sajjad Zaidi" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 03:22
Subject: Re: nic config [was: [tlug] RH7.2 - no linuxconf?]

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> No, you dont have to change modules.conf if the driver is compiled into
> the kernel. When you say the kernel doesnt detect the card, does it mean
> it doesn't show up in 'dmesg'?
> What card are you using and what option did you choose when building the
> kernel?
> BTW, the 'initscripts' package on RH7.2 is broken and causes weird
> things to happen when you change your IP. They have an update which
> works the way it should.
> - --
> Sajjad
> On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 02:39:37PM +0100, Mario Luoni wrote:
> > sajjid,
> >
> > just read your message about bringing a network interface card up and
> > running. i am currently experiencing the same problem (i.e. kernel
> > detect the card). my question: does your answer only apply to the case
> > the driver is compiled as a module? or do i have to take these steps
> > when i compiled the driver into the kernel?
> >
> > -mario
> >
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