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[tlug] RH7.2 - no linuxconf?


A little problem here. Up until yesterday I was running
mandrake 8.1 on a cable modem, and had sucessfully set up
IPmasq for 2 other wkstns to do NAT, everything fine.
Mandrake would configure things without allowing me to
change or see what it was doing so I decided to write down
all my NIC and IP settings and install RH7.2 instead.
However, RH7.2 doesn't have linuxconf, only NEAT, which
fails to recognize my NIC despite trying many possible
combinations. RH7.2 also failed to recognize the NIC
during bootup (no ETH0 initialization- it doesn't even say
[FAILED]. Ifconfig of course only shows the lo, and no
eth0. I took out the other NIC for the internal lan and
reinsalled, but no change.

Anyone using 7.2? If so any ideas on how to install
linuxconf? I tried using the RPM manager but it doesn't
show up. Should I just go back to mandrake?


   Scott VanDusen

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