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Re: [tlug] RH7.2 - no linuxconf?

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Hi Scott,

linuxconfig has always been a pain for me and never got things right.

Try using '/usr/sbin/netconfig'. Its simpler and meant for getting your
network up quickly.

Before that, your problem seems to be with the kernel not recognizing
your network card. The file /etc/modules.conf should have an entry like
'alias eth0 eepro100', based on your NIC (Intel Ethernet Pro 100 in this

After adding that, run '/sbin/depmod -a' and then 'modprobe eepro100'
(replacing eepro100 with the module for your card). Then use netconfig
to setup networking.

That should be it. Let us know your progress.

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A. Sajjad Zaidi
System Administrator
Technology & Operations Div.
Digital Garage Inc.

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 09:24:00PM +0900, scott in sendai wrote:
> Hi TLUG,
> A little problem here. Up until yesterday I was running
> mandrake 8.1 on a cable modem, and had sucessfully set up
> IPmasq for 2 other wkstns to do NAT, everything fine.
> Mandrake would configure things without allowing me to
> change or see what it was doing so I decided to write down
> all my NIC and IP settings and install RH7.2 instead.
> However, RH7.2 doesn't have linuxconf, only NEAT, which
> fails to recognize my NIC despite trying many possible
> combinations. RH7.2 also failed to recognize the NIC
> during bootup (no ETH0 initialization- it doesn't even say
> [FAILED]. Ifconfig of course only shows the lo, and no
> eth0. I took out the other NIC for the internal lan and
> reinsalled, but no change.
> Anyone using 7.2? If so any ideas on how to install
> linuxconf? I tried using the RPM manager but it doesn't
> show up. Should I just go back to mandrake?
>    TIA,
>    Scott VanDusen
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