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Re: [tlug] mutt configuration: /var/spool/mail/tony/:No such file or directory (errno=2)

"Shimpei Yamashita" <> wrote:
> SN_Diamond wrote:

> > If directory /var/spool/mail doesn't have permissions 777, then you'll have
> > to go into superuser mode and do this:
> >   touch /var/spool/mail/tony
> >   chown tony:users /var/spool/mail/tony
> > or whatever your account name and group are.  I don't know if there are
> > systems where /var/spool/mail has permissions lesser than 777.  As I think
> > about it now, they really ought to be.
> 777!?  Gack.  You should know better than that!

I sure do.  You quoted me saying so.  Here, look at your message again:

> >                                                                                                 As I think
> > about it now, they really ought to be.

You continue:

> At worst it should be 1777, and at best, 770 or 2770 (with
> ownership set to root:mail), which is what Debian and I believe Red
> Hat derivatives use.

I guess after seeing /dev/psaux with permissions 777 (which permit any
logged in user to disable the console user's mouse) I started pouring as
much salt on Linux security claims as on Monopolysoft security claims.  But
looking at this now, it seems to be fixed.

SuSE has /var/spool/mail set to drwxrwxrwt.  This still permits the end user
to create their own spool file and lock file as needed.  Now trying to get a
reminder of the meaning of the other leading bit that you suggested...  Wow,
it's sure nice that "man chmod" tells me to read "info chmod" which is even
more incomplete than "man chmod".  Anyone have an updated "rtfm" command?

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