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[tlug] mutt configuration: /var/spool/mail/tony/:No such file or directory (errno=2)

Good Morning

So I want to try out mutt.  I want to retreive my mail from a pop host, so I have set

pop_host=my pop host
pop_pass=my password
pop_user=my user accountname

in the default muttrc file which I copied from /etc to /home/tony/.muttrc.  When I start mutt I get the error
/var/spool/mail/tony/:No such file or directory (errno=2).  So I had a quick look on google to see what I should do,  about the only thing I could find was that I should do

$echo this is some text | mail $USER

which says it will create a mailbox.  In my case this dosen't work since I have my mail settings so mail sent from my local machine gets
sent to my account on the pop server so that the mail is never delivered into /var/spool/mail/tony. 
So.........the first question, of problably quite a few, is how can I get past this first error

/var/spool/mail/tony/:No such file or directory (errno=2)




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