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Re: [OT] email forwarding?

Chris Beggy ( wrote:

> If you are interested, check out:

This is bad:

Authoritative answers can be found from:     nameserver = NS.KIPPONA.COM     nameserver = NS2.KIPPONA.COM
NS.KIPPONA.COM  internet address =
NS2.KIPPONA.COM internet address =

Only two nameservers, which are probably on the same subnet
(this could be configured to be on two different subnets
with a little switch and router magic, but most of the time
you see this, that isn't the case).

No secondary DNS, either.

And as Tom points out, they only have a single MX.  That is bad.
Very bad.

I'd keep looking.  If I were hosted there, I'd start looking. 
Anyone can have an outage at some point, but having so few eggs
in such a small basket makes it more likely.


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