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Re: [OT] email forwarding?

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 10:20:09PM +0900, Jonathan Q wrote:
> Jack Morgan ( wrote:
> Jack> Look at

Thanks Jack. This looks interesting. Jonathan, have a look at the DNS for hosted at namesdirect though.	preference = 10, mail exchanger =	preference = 20, mail exchanger =	nameserver =	nameserver =	internet address =	internet address =	internet address =	internet address =

It looks good, 2 MXs, 2 NSs, primaries and backups on separate
networks, but they still suck big time :( They don't seem to understand
that you have to configure a secondary... Right now if the primary
dies so does my email cause it gets rejected by the secondary. If they
were doing it right it should work with this setup. As much as I try
explaining it to them, I still bounce. Time to spend a little bit on
it as you said.


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