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[OT] email forwarding?

Hi all,

I registered my domain ( with a couple
of months ago. They allow me to setup a couple of forward addresses
for the domain as well as do web address forwarding. The main thing
I want though is 100% reliable mail forwarding for my domain. Sadly,
I'm not getting it from them. I know it is a free service, but why
bother if they can't do a good job.

For example, I sometimes get mails after 2 months sitting on their
queues, mostly I just bounce for a day without them noticing.
My idea was just to keep my forwarding with them and whenever I would
change ISP, nobody would have to know as my mails just go the one
address, and can move with me from there.

So can anyone recommend a reliable service for this. I'm willing
to invest a small amount of money monthly to achieve this seemingly
unachievable goal of 100% reliability in my email address forwarding.
Okay 99.99% would do, if they had a good excuse for the other .01% of
the time.

I know this is a little off the tlug topic, but I would think it
would be useful info to some of the subscribers and of course we all
know that that 99.99% service runs on a linux box anyway :)

Thomas O'Dowd                   Have you had your noop today?        

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