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I've been running Debian Potato on my test server for 2-3 months now,
and it's okay, but I still find dselect a bit confusing (FWIW, I still
find rpm confusing as well).

I upgraded bind this morning (when upgrading bind should I assume that
dselect will also restart named, or am I expected to do that manually? I
did it manually just to be sure), and it also upgraded 11Mb of others.

In particular it wanted to upgrade base-passwd (see below), but then
said it wants to change the home directory of postgres. But postgres is
installed from source not .deb, and is under /usr/local/, so why is it
intefering? In fact why had it created a postgres user before I'd even
installed postgres? Is changing postgres to a 100+ uid the proper way to
solve this?

Also when I said No, was I just saying no to the postgres change, or the
whole upgrade? Am I now missing some important upgrade?


Preparing to replace base-passwd 3.1.7 (using
.../base-passwd_3.1.10_i386.deb) .
Unpacking replacement base-passwd ...
Setting up base-passwd (3.1.10) ...
update-passwd has found some differences between your system accounts
and the current Debian defaults. It is advisable to allow update-passwd
to change your system; without those changes some packages might not
correctly.  For more documentation on the Debian account policies please
see /usr/share/doc/base-passwd/README.

The last of proposed changes is:

Changing homedirectory of postgres to /var/lib/postgres
Would commit 1 changes

It is highly recommend that you allow update-passwd to make these
(a backup file of modified files is made with the extension .old so you
always restore the current settings).

May I update your system? [Y/n] n

Okay, I will not update your system. If you want to make this update
please check the update-passwd utility.

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