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Re: tlug: XIM/Kinput2 SNAFU

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Fabian <> writes:

    >> Open another kterm -xim.

    Mike> /usr/src/kterm-6.2.0$ kterm -xim
    Mike>     Couldn't set locale: ja_JP.eucJP [...]

    Mike> What does this "Couldn't set locale" mean? I get a similar
    Mike> warning when trying to start xim in XEmacs 21.2beta32:

This means you don't have a Japanese locale.  Currently standard
XFree86 policy is to default to using glibc's locale support but the
Japanese developers and Ulrich have taken forever to come to agreement
on how to deal with mb/wc support.  So glibc does not ship with any
multibyte locales.

There is partial support in glibc 2.1.3 but you need to get the
Japanese locale separately.  In Debian it's the locale-ja package.
Dunno about rpm-land.  I'm not sure whether kterm actually cares about
the locale.  It may work anyway without setting the locale.

    Mike>     (1) (xim-xlib/warning) Can't set locale.
    Mike>     Using C locale instead.

Same as above.  But XEmacs will refuse to open any XIM in this case.

Note that LANG=ja will not fly with XEmacs.  I use LANG=ja_JP with
success; I haven't tried LANG=ja_JP.$ENCODING yet.

    Mike> Input in `kterm' works find when I use the kinput2 protocol,
    Mike> in that case I also see the debugging output of kinput2. But
    Mike> with xim no debug output at all is produced. Nothing happens
    Mike> when I press SHIFT-SPACE in `kterm'.

That's because the IM isn't open.

> take two aspirin, and call me in the morning.  (Don't forget your
> XMODIFIERS, .Xdefaults, and xrdb -query output.)

    Mike> XMODIFIERS is unset. The relevant part of my .Xdefaults
    Mike> looks like this

XEmacs will not work without


nor will kterm, except that kterm will pick up your *inputMethod
resource so it should be OK once you get the locale stuff sorted out.

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