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tlug: XIM/Kinput2 SNAFU

>>>>> "Austin" == Austin Kurahone <> writes:

    Austin> some trouble.  I've gotten Canna built, and have kinput2
    Austin> and kterm working (with the kinput2 protocol).  Now when
    Austin> ever I try to use XIM, nothing workscomplaining of a input
    Austin> server not running.

Start Canna.

Start kinput2 +kinput -xim -canna -debug 10 2>&1 | tee xim.log
      # you did enable DEBUG, didn't you?

Open another kterm -xim.

If no joy, and the debug output doesn't finger your prob, take two
aspirin, and call me in the morning.  (Don't forget your XMODIFIERS,
.Xdefaults, and xrdb -query output.)

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