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tlug: XIM/Kinput2 SNAFU


I'm trying to get a Japanese enviorment that I can live with set up on my main devel box, and encountering some trouble.  I've gotten Canna built, and have kinput2 and kterm working (with the kinput2 protocol).  Now when ever I try to use XIM, nothing workscomplaining of a input server not running.

I've exproted the XMODIFIERS enviorment and added the appropriate notations to .Xdefaults, so I'm fairly sure that there's nothing incredibly wrong, but...

My XFree86 Version is 3.3.5, my glibc is 2.1.2, and I recompiled Canna, kinput2 from source.

Any ideas???

Austin K. Kurahone
Tokyo Linux Users Group / Green Frog Linux Maintainer
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