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Re: tlug: help, my linux box is possessed...

On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Bryan Mark wrote:

> >OK, my stupid P2-400 here just about a week and a half ago just >started 
> >giving me crap for no reason.
> Hmmm. I'm not sure about your problem exactly, but I was getting crap from a 
> vortex 3Com 3c905B-TX running at 100MBit a while back. It wasn't freezing, 
> it was just failing to ifup. It turned out to be that I had set the 
> Plug&Play BIOS setting on my machine to Enabled, which happens to be the 
> most mis-labeled setting on the bios for what it really does.
> What kind of hub are you using? Could be a 10/100 speed problem on the hub 
> (some hubs rather suck in this respect).
> What Motherboard do you have?

turns out it was a bad patch outlet in my cubicle :)
The thing works fine at 100MBit/FDX, btw, talking to our HP ProCurve 4000M
fastethernet switch.

Scott M. Stone, CCNA <>
UNIX Systems and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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