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Re: tlug: Apache permission weird.

Yong-Ming Hua ( wrote:

> This section cannot be found in the package given for Turbolinux
> Server Edition 6.0. But when I took a look at the original Apache
> pkg 1.3.9, I could find the section all right. Maybe some errors
> or careless mistakes happened while they prepared rpm packages.

Hmmm.  The Apache 1.3.6 that came with TurboLinux 4.2J was 
configured as an open proxy by default.  I discovered this when
examining my httpd logs and found that some weenies at a few
Japanese ISPs were using my workstation for a private proxy.
Not anymore, but they haven't stopped trying.  You'd think after
getting a 403 for days, a person would give up.  I fired off a gripe
to on that one (regional ISP in Shikoku).  We'll see what
they say.

If you have TurboLinux 4.x, check your httpd to see if it's
configured as a proxy.  Better check other versions too, just
in case.

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