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Re: tlug: Apache permission weird.

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Yong-Ming Hua wrote:

>  Hello,
>     I like to ask about the user permission to Apache server. I have just
>  installed
>  Turbolinux Server 6.0 with Apache bundled into one of my ol' machines.
>  In my access.conf I have got a directive,
>  order allow,deny
>  allow from all
>  and in srm.conf I have got
>  UserDir public_html
>  I can see Apache sample.html by its proper name. But I can't see any
>  file by using ~/username. public_html has a read access all right. And
should be /~username

>  of course index.html has the access all right too. But everytime I try
>  to get the stuff from a user's directory(public_html), I get 'No peremission
>  to this file/directory'. I havn't got any clue. I have never met this kind
>  of error-message before. I have checked the history about the proble

Depending on your default access setup in access.conf you may need
to specify  allow from all, or whetever access control you need  for
public_html. Try creating a .htaccess file in $HOME/public_html with
"allow from all" . If that solves it, review your access.conf to see why
access is not allowed by default.


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