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tlug: Apache permission weird.

   I like to ask about the user permission to Apache server. I have just
Turbolinux Server 6.0 with Apache bundled into one of my ol' machines.

In my access.conf I have got a directive,

order allow,deny
allow from all

and in srm.conf I have got

UserDir public_html

I can see Apache sample.html by its proper name. But I can't see any
file by using ~/username. public_html has a read access all right. And
of course index.html has the access all right too. But everytime I try
to get the stuff from a user's directory(public_html), I get 'No peremission
to this file/directory'. I havn't got any clue. I have never met this kind
of error-message before. I have checked the history about the problem.
Many people seem to have had this prob but for some reason I can't
find any solution for this. Any clue at all?
Thanks in advance.


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