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Re: tlug: Re: XIM/Kinput2 SNAFU

Mike Fabian <> writes:


> but nevertheless XIM doesn't seem to work with rxvt.
> XIM works well in XEmacs and even in Mozilla-M13. When I press the
> `Kanji'-key, in XEmacs and Mozilla-M13, I can see in the debugging of
> `kinput2' that something happens. With kterm-6.2.0 and rxvt, nothing
> at all appears in the debugging output of `kinput2'.  Therefore I
> guess that my setup of kinput2, Canna, and the glibc-locale is correct
> now and the problem is on the side of kterm and rxvt.

I finally found out how to make XIM work in rxvt.

I failed to set the environment variable XMODIFIERS, which seems to be
necessary for XIM in rxvt:

    export XMODIFIERS=""

XIM worked in XEmacs and Mozilla-M13 without this, but rxvt seems to
need it. Actually the kinput2 man-page mentions that this environment
variable is needed for some clients, while other clients look only at
the *inputMethod resource. Somehow I missed that when first reading
the kinput2 man-page. 

XIM still doesn't work for me in kterm-6.2.0, but for kterm the kinput
protocol works, so XIM isn't really needed for kterm.


Mike Fabian   <>   <>

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