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Re: [Lingo] Usage of "should"

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Josh Glover <> wrote:
> Hrm, this gives me a clue as to why I use/hear it often: I'm a software
> engineer, and at work, use much more precise language than I would at home.
> This means that nuance is more important.

I would be more careful with that.

There usually more than one way to express what I want to say,
in any language, but I would pick the most straight way, so that everyone
who read my message would interpret in the same way.

> The interesting question that this thread raises is whether my colleagues,
> the majority of whom are not native speakers of English, understand the
> nuance that I'm communicating.

At work, I use and encourage using plain English/Japanese to make
communication more effective
and avoid misunderstanding.

> The fact that they correctly use "should" in
> the same context could mean they do,

This is a good case.

> but it could also mean that they are
> just aping the native speakers.

but if they fail, it would cause more trouble than making their
English more like native speakers.

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