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Re: [Lingo] Usage of "should"

I hope my suggestions are useful, someone else may be able to offer better advice.

> In the sentence:
> "Contingent response: the actions to be taken should the risk event
> actually occur"

> 1. What is the meaning of "should",

I think in this case it's the past tense of shall.

You can read it as "if".

In other cases, could can be read as "ought" e.g.: "I should do more exercise."

> 2. I thought that in this case, "should" can be replace by "when", and,

"when" would mean that the risk event /will/ occur.

"should" implies it /might/ occur.

You could use "if", but then "occur" becomes "occurs":

"Contingent response: the actions to be taken if the risk event occurs"

Don't ask me why. :)

> 3. Usage of "should" like this are common at the front desk of hotels
> :), not technical English :)

It's not technical, but also not casual English.

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