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Re: [Lingo] Usage of "should"

> In the sentence: "Contingent response: the actions to be taken should
> the risk event actually occur"
> 1. What is the meaning of "should",
> 2. I thought that in this case, "should" can be replace by
>    "when", and,
> 3. Usage of "should" like this are common at the front desk of hotels
> :), not technical English :)

This is a common way of using should, although only in a more formal
style. Here, "should the event occur" == "if the event occurs". In this
particular case, you could replace s/should/when/ and it wouldn't change
the overall meaning *that* much, but this usage of should is definitely
a conditional ("if").

Note that, in keeping with the more "normal" usage of should (and other
modal auxiliaries), the main verb is not inflected as it normally would
be for person/number, thus:

  should the risk event actually occur      (as above)


  should the risk event actually occurs


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