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Re: [Lingo] English help


On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 06:52, Jim Breen <> wrote:
> > 1. In 2012, <company name> will continue to reach a high revenue due
> > to 2 main catalysts:
> > XYZ came into operation and becomes the driver for growth,
> > an average higher day rate from <company name>’s owned rigs and the
> > leased fleet.
> It's not one phrase. It's in two parts: "<company name>’s owned rigs"
> and "the leased fleet". "rigs" can mean oil rigs,
It is oil rig.

> but it can also mean
> large trucks, etc. It depends on the context. "leased fleet" could refer
> to either ships or vehicles.
I've asked the one who gave me the file, and he said "I don't know,
just highlight it" :)

> Context is king, as usual.
+1. This is a key point for translating.

> > 2. We expect <company name>’s profit will reach VND 1,966bn in 2012,
> > increasing 15% YoY, thus EPS amount to VND 9,100 if no warrant is
> > converted in this year.
> Again this will depend on the context. In finance "warrant" can mean
> several
> things. The following in the Kenkyusha 新英和大辞典 entry on "warrant" is an
> indication:
> 4 (行為・権利などを保証する)証明書 (certificate), 認可証 (license), 領収証 (voucher), 委任状
> (commission).
> 5 支払い命令書. ・a treasury warrant 国庫支払い命令.

This is "his" translation for "warrant": 新株予約権
I don't know if he is right but I just take his translation as he
works in the financial field.

This is my next question:

"At current price, we recommend HOLD *for* stock with 6M target price
*of* VND 59,500 *and* year-end target price of VND 63,700."

Can you tell me how to break/parse this sentence into blocks for later
# In this sentence, "for" , "of" and "and" are important

Best Regards,
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