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Re: [Lingo] English help

On 04/15/2012 03:10 PM, Nguyễn Vũ Hưng wrote:

This is my next question:

"At current price, we recommend HOLD *for* stock with 6M target price
*of* VND 59,500 *and* year-end target price of VND 63,700."

Can you tell me how to break/parse this sentence into blocks for later
# In this sentence, "for" , "of" and "and" are important

It appears as though the securities analyst who wrote this is telling people who currently have shares of this company's stock to hold on to it, but s/he is not recommending that people who do not already own shares to go out and buy any (with a "buy to hold" implied for those people with a low aversion to risk, but, unless you know the market, you, as a translator should not go there). S/he is predicting that the share price _should_ hit VND 59,500 / share within six months AND is predicting that shares _ought_ to be worth VND 63,700 before the stock market closes for the New Year holidays.

What is left unsaid is that if the share prices perform significantly better or worse than the analyst's prediction, there are other unspoken recommended solutions which it is up to the analyst to discuss in a bulletin when s/he believes it is time to issue an update.

When I ran a research team, I insisted that my translators never attempt to explain or second guess what the analyst meant; to leave any unspoken / unwritten alternatives alone, remain entirely neutral / noncommittal on any scenario the analyst did not specifically discuss, and to never introduce even a _possibility_ that an alternative exists. All of that is the responsibility of the person whose name is on the report and the legal compliance standards of the company whose name appears at the top of Page One -- never the translator.

There are times when the logic of the language you are translating into does not easily accommodate the needs of neutrality the compliance rules under which the English original was prepared require. Sometimes you will have to adjust tenses and conditionals to remain in legal compliance and, based upon what you've given us, I can't tell you what you have to do.


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