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Re: [Lingo] Draft reading ...

On Friday 24 August 2007 04:26, Godwin Stewart wrote:
>On Fri, 24 Aug 2007 14:08:37 +0900, Nguyen Vu Hung
>> the Ubuntu community, as well as the open source community writ
>> large, to participate in this important global event.”
>Surely, "the open source community *at* large", no?

Since it's a quote, if it is incorrect you could write "the open source 
community writ [sic] large" without changing the grammar.

>> In Vietnam, software freedom day resonates even more strongly, given
>> that massive copyright infringement, computer security problems, and
>> the need to improve the country’s IT skill level makes the choice of
>> Free software an obvious one.
>Make, not makes. The subject is plural (massive copyright infringement

Weird. "Makes" sounds better to my ear in this one case, but you are 
correct, it should be "make". "A makes Z" and "A and B make Z" are 
correct forms.

Other than these (very minor) issues, i'd say the original draft was 
quite skillfully written. I might have changed "planet-wide" in the 
first paragraph to "global" since i think "global" flows better, but 
that is just a preference. One could certainly make the argument 
that "planet-wide" is better because "global" is used elsewhere and in 
such a short piece it might sound repetitive to use it twice.

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