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[Lingo] Draft reading ...

Can anyone spell check/review this anouncement for me?



Software Freedom Day 2007 - Bigger than ever!

September 15th is Software Freedom Day, the world’s largest celebration
and outreach effort about why transparent and sustainable technologies
like Free & Open Source Software are so important. Community groups in
more than 80 countries organize local activities and programs on
Software Freedom Day to educate the wider public about free software:
what it is, how it works and its relationship to development and
sustainability. There are already over 290 teams around the world
registered; it is truly a planet-wide event. Don’t miss it.

“Software Freedom is about creating a digital platform for trust and
longevity, particularly in a future where more and more of our lives are
dependent upon technology” explains Pia Waugh, President of Software
Freedom International, the organisation behind Software Freedom Day. “It
is important we can participate in and trust the software.” That’s all
about Free and Open source software.

Support for this year’s Software Freedom Day event is fantastic with
Google, Mindtouch and the Free Software Foundation coming on board as
sponsors as well as long term sponsors the Danish Unix User Group and
Canonical. The event also has support from The Open CD, OsCommRes
<> and the International Open Source Network

“Software Freedom Day is a fantastic event that demonstrates the global
reach of open source software.” says Jane Silber, COO of Canonical. “We
at Canonical are proud to sponsor the event and encourage everyone in
the Ubuntu community, as well as the open source community writ large,
to participate in this important global event.”

In Vietnam, software freedom day resonates even more strongly, given
that massive copyright infringement, computer security problems, and the
need to improve the country’s IT skill level makes the choice of Free
software an obvious one. This year we are proud to be sponsored by
NetNam <>,
Intel, CMS, and our host AUF with its Linux and Free Software Center for
development. The number of Free software users in Vietnam and everywhere
in the world is growing, don’t be late to the party - join us now!

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