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Re: [Lingo] words with kanji in common

Josh Glover writes:

 > I question the effectiveness of this method, as children's language
 > acquisition "device" (to quote Chomsky--consider the device as literal
 > or figurative as you wish) switches off at a certain age (10-ish?
 > anybody remember?), so I think learning methods that mimic children
 > will not be effective for adults.

There is a big change in acquisition mechanism, the degradation starts
as early as 8 IIRC, and pretty much is complete at the end of puberty.
I don't recall how much effect puberty has, but onset is earlier than
that of the phenomena we usually think of as puberty.

I think that adults can benefit a lot from child-like mechanisms, at
least I did, but the mix must be way different.  Partly due to the
mechanism change but also because adults are capable of actually
focusing on the language, as opposed to the content.

 > Oh, tonnes--or "heaps and heaps", as Jim Breen would (presumably) say. ;)

"heaps and mallocs"?  <duck />

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