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RE: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

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Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 8:58 PM
To: Natural language discussion
Subject: Re: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

>>> I would really recommend a read of
>>Keith wrote that, not you. Looks like your mailer's quoting is
>>fubared as well.
>Not in the least.  My reader sees the quote as Keith's and has 
>marked it as such -- both in my saved reply and what came back 
>after voyaging through the mail server.  Don't know why you are 
>not seeing it but mismatches between mailreaders occasionally happen. 

That is the problem.  Outlook breaks standards.  Anything that is
readable by some mail readers but not by others (Unicode not included)
is a bad thing, and you should investigate how your mailer sends
mail to mailing lists.

The reason I mention Outlook, even though I have no clue which
mailer for sure that you are using, is that your quotes show up
in outlook as a single line.  This is a feature that is not
supported in text only readers.  Further more, it is usually either
RTF or HTML, which gets it kicked out all together by many mail
filters.  A number of mailers have taken measures to be compatible
with Outlook, others have not.  

I am not saying that you should change how you do everything,
or even your mailer.  I am suggesting however that you concider
Sending messages to this list in Text only format.  Anything else
is not guaranteed to get to the other end in tact.

Missmatches between mail readers should not be a problem.

As it is, because you chose to send your message in a fancy
Format, even though I can read it myself no problem, I had
to spend several minutes fixing the formatting so that I
knew my message would be readable on the rest of the list.


Also, even if HTMLized emails can be read by a reader, if
the recipient gets their list posts via digest (which I do
on the main list but not on lingo) then EVERYTHING fancy
is either filtered or stripped out.

The simplest solution, as I said, is to send messages
to the list in plain text format.  Replies should prefferably
be in plain text as well.

In direct person to person emails where you know what the other
person's machine can do, then RTF and HTML emails are fine.
They are just not so good for mailing lists. ^_^


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