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Re: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

On 7/17/07, <> wrote:

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Subject: Re: [Lingo] CJK Setup in Xandros (Debian 3.2)

>>> I would really recommend a read of
>>Keith wrote that, not you. Looks like your mailer's quoting is
>>fubared as well.
>Not in the least.  My reader sees the quote as Keith's and has
>marked it as such -- both in my saved reply and what came back
>after voyaging through the mail server.  Don't know why you are
>not seeing it but mismatches between mailreaders occasionally happen.

That is the problem.  Outlook breaks standards.  Anything that is
readable by some mail readers but not by others (Unicode not included)
is a bad thing, and you should investigate how your mailer sends
mail to mailing lists.

Okay, now I get it ... encoding.  I do not have and do not use Outhouse.  Everything else I do and every other group I belong to I access via an e-mail program or Thunderbird, both of which are set to strip HTML and to send plain text only.  I am accessing this group via G-mail and that is through the Google online reader instead of through an intermediate mail program.  It's been so long since I had to configure a mail reader to strip HTML that I completely forgot that G-mail isn't plain text out of the box. 

The main reason for doing so is that I still don't know how to get CJK set up in Debian / Xandros and means I'll have to start receiving this group on my regular mail program in WIN instead ... unless one of you know how to access G-mail through T-bird or get T-bird to see only the G-mail accounts from my regular mail address if I forward.  It's probably one of those things I know the answer to but it just isn't occurring to me right now.  

The simplest solution, as I said, is to send messages
to the list in plain text format.  Replies should prefferably
be in plain text as well.

Ryokai.  This will be my last post from G-mail's online page.  Assisting with my CJK problem would also help expedite the solution ... and my post is languishing on the TLUG side, right now ... so I'd better convert it to plain text and repost, I suppose. 


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