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Re: [Lingo] spaces in japanese writing

Josh Glover wrote:
> On 01/07/07, Pietro Zuco <> wrote:
then Pietro wrote:
then Josh wrote:
then Pietro wrote:
then Josh wrote:
and there were others in there too, and to be honest, I got
about 1/4 of the total exchange.
What I hope I said was "My Japanese still isn't that good.

But part of what I did get was that both of you recommended
"日本語基本文法辞典" and "日本語文法辞典―中級編", among
other books.  I was surprised to find both of these on as well as on, but even more
surprised to find I could order them off of and
have 'em shipped here for less than they cost from vendors
on -- in one case as a used book.

Anyway, both received really solid reviews on Amazon as well
as from you guys.  Hopefully some day I'll actually get the
time to use 'em.

Steve S.

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