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RE: tlug: Why use Linux? (was: Caldera)

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott M Stone <> writes:

    Scott> On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Andrew Drapp wrote:

    >> Scott Stone made a statement which implied the joking
    >> paraphrase that I wrote.  I know that is not what he really
    >> meant, but I disagreed with the implication, so I restated his
    >> comment making in clearly wrong.  (He implied that if you do
    >> not compile your own binaries, you might as well be using
    >> Windows.)

Yessirreebob!  At least some of your own binaries, and possibly by
hiring consultants.  :-P

    Scott> actually, I did mean that... I'm no longer a proponent of
    Scott> 'linux for the masses'.  Linux, like all other UNIX, is for

Hey, Chris!  A convert!  :-)

    Scott> people who like to use computers simply for the sake of
    Scott> doing so.  And it's also for servers.  It's not for your
    Scott> 6-year-old's PC in his bedroom.

My two-year-old likes Linux better (Mom doesn't have a Pikachu
screen-saver yet) and so does Bill "w3.el" Perry's 3-year-old son Liam
(I don't know why; it may be due to a congenitally hyperactive left
pinky, Bill doesn't have an NT XEmacs at home).

    Scott> It probably will be (Linux at least) with the current
    Scott> movements being put forth by Redhat, Caldera, Corel, and TL
    Scott> (hey, that even rhymes), but I don't really approve.

Some people think that Red Hat bought Cygnus to improve their quality
control.  If so, I could go with that (not personally of course,
Steve-Linux rules!  My desktop only---you can build your own }:^} )

    Scott> Basically I just don't want Linux being used by the same
    Scott> people who like Leonardo DiCaprio, ok?? :)

*snort*  Akane doesn't know DiCaprio from an oversized icecube, she
favors guys in neckties like "Obuchi jiminto sosai no yatsu---jiminto
wa kabutomushi!"  As Hashimoto Ryuu-kun's ads in the '96 (I think it
was) elections put it, "Where are your dreams?"  Linux---tomorrow's OS 
for tomorrow's LDP.

Scott, are you OK?  Scott, Scott!  Somebody call a doctor, Scott just
had a heart attack!


University of Tsukuba                Tennodai 1-1-1 Tsukuba 305-8573 JAPAN
Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences       Tel/fax: +81 (298) 53-5091
What are those two straight lines for?  "Free software rules."
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