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Re: tlug: Why use Linux? (was: Caldera)

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Andrew Drapp wrote:

> Scott Stone wrote:
> > If it's the latter, you might as well just use Windows - you'd get the
> > same functionality but you'd have a wider range of software to run.
> > Running Linux for the sake of saying that you're running Linux isn't
> > really the point, now, is it?
> I would have to say that I strongly disagree with this comment.  Let
> me see if I can paraphrase your comment:
> "The only reason to use Linux over The Other OS(tm) is because 
> you can compile your own applications.  As far as security, performance,
> reliability, networking, remote access, et. al. The Other OS(tm) is at
> least as good as Linux, if not better than Linux."

I think you're mis-paraphrasing me.  If you're only using your box for
office applications such as wp, spreadsheet, games, etc, then you might as
well just use Windows.  All my wife and I do at home on our computer
(well, 99% of the time at least) is use Quicken, Word, and Total
Annihilation.  Therefore our computer spends most of its time running
Windows - sure, it has Linux on it too for the occasional time when i get
the urge to work on my game (which still kind of sucks.. needs a lot more
work.  But I'm tired when I get home :) ).  

All I'm saying is that the 'casual computer user' should probably stick
with Windows.  I want Linux to be for people who really want to get in and
*use* their computers and work with them on a more intelligent level than
point-and-click (ie, what i do at my job.  Home is for TV and games).

Scott M. Stone <>
Systems (UNIX) and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

Next Technical Meeting: TBA, January, 2000.  Place: Temple Univ.

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