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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (more comments)

You(Stephen J. Turnbull) wrote:
> 1GB is probably enough for the base system, apps, swap, and variable
> stuff (eg, fonts for TeX, log files for daemons, etc).  But to be
> comfortable you'll have to go through the package manager by hand and
> delete stuff you don't want by hand.  For example, Emacs or XEmacs can 
> easily consume 50-80MB, TeX about the same, and so on.  If you install 
> all of the non-Emacs text editors (which some distributions do), you
> can easily use up another 30MB.

And if you let some of the newer distributions (Vine, Laser5 and
LinuxPPC R5 are the ones I can attest to) loose on your computer, they
will happily take up almost 1GB of disk space. I'm not sure what
exactly is taking up all that space, but they are. The base system
still fits in 1GB today, but I'm not too optimistic about things
staying that way for much longer.

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