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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (more comments)

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Andrew Drapp wrote:

> So, I start to install, and find out that the media is bad anyway.
> (The disk just spins and spins and then windows crashes.)
> That is, the windows tools disk media is bad.  I haven't tried
> the others.  I assume Caldera will replace the CD, but that 
> sets back playing with Linux for a couple of weeks until I get
> the new disk.  
> Or does it?  From what I have been reading here, it sounds
> like I should just skip the "commercial" disk and jump straight
> on to the "distribution" disk, and resize the partitions myself,
> and just install from there.  Is there anything useful on the
> "commercial" disk for me to bother requesting a new one?

Hiya, I don't do support, however the disk problem is known to be a
problems with certain IDE CDROMS.  Go ahead and install w/o using PM.  You
wond miss much at all.  If you want to try the commercial CDROM, try
swapping CD drives with a friend for a weekend or something.  But go ahead
and get a new disk from Caldera anyway - it will be nice to have.  Check
on the web site for who to contact.

> In a completely different matter, I currently only have about 1GB
> free on a 4GM drive for Linux.  Without deleting my MP3 
> collection, is 1GM reasonably large enough for Linux, KDE,
> Star Office, Word Perfect, and various other apps a Linux
> workstation might want/require?  If it is not large enough, 
> what is?  

I usualy do around 2 gigs.  But you can place all you mp3s on the windows
drive and share that data.  A typical install will be arownd 1 - 1.2 gigs
if you install everything.  You probibly don't need everything.

> After reading over other emails describing partitions, what would
> you all recommend for as far as partition sizes are concerned?

I'd like to hear what other people think on this.  I personaly make a 1 -
500 meg / (root), 20 meg /boot, 500meg /home and the rest (read 'largest'
for /usr which is typically around a gig at least.  You may want to
seperate /var or /home/{httpd.ftp} depending on if you host web sites
(its a shame DSL or other cheap. steady bandwidth is not avalable in Japan
yet...).  Good luck.

Marc C.

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