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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (more comments)

On Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 08:26:31PM +0900, Andrew Drapp wrote:
> Just wondering, in the good old days, we used to say that a swap 
> partition should be 2N+1, where N is the RAM on your computer.  Is
> this still the conventional wisdom?  Is that only reasonable for computers
> with little ram?  On a machine 128MB, a 257MB swap file just seems
> a little large to me.

I'm a newbie to Linux too, but here's my take on it: It depends on what
you're going to do with the machine. I suppose there's someone out there
who needs that kind of swap space, but I doubt it will be you if you're
going to use it as a desktop machine. I have 128 MB of RAM in my laptop, I
run all sorts of huge apps and daemons at once, and today was actually the
first time that I've ever seen it swap after 6-7 months of use (I opened up
a >1MB file in Netscape). I think I have 64 MB of space set aside for swap,
and that + 128MB of hard memory really seems to be enough for a mere mortal
like myself.

Hope that helps.

Someone else mentioned on this list today that setting aside different
partitions for root, /usr/local, /var/, and /home is a good idea, and I'd
like to second that -- At the very least, try to set aside a separate
partition for /home so you can mess with the disk later without losing all
of your data.

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