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Re: tlug: Re: libwcsmbs

>>>>> "juhp" == Jens-Ulrik Petersen <> writes:

    juhp> Eric S. Standlee <> writes:
    >> I installed a libwcsmbs package off the ftp server
    >> and it killed my system.

Just ... don't.

Ulrich (Drepper, the current glibc maintainer) hated libwcstombs, and
Ulrich never pays any attention to breaking things he doesn't like.
Doesn't matter whether it would be a good thing or not; Uli has the

libwcstombs functionality will sooner or later get incorporated in
glibc, but unless you want to participate in the development, eg
rebuilding (at a minimum, probably debugging and patching) libwcstombs
with every glibc upgrade, use only stuff from the glibc distribution.

    juhp> As I remember libwcsmbs doesn't work with recent glibc (as
    juhp> in RH6.x), and if I'm not mistaken you should use locale-ja
    juhp> instead.

locale-ja at least is a set of data files so you should not be able to 
crash your system by using it.

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