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Re: tlug: Umlauts & Kanji

tlug note from Paul Gampe <>
On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, [iso-8859-1] Thomas B(J$Bätzler wrote:

tbaetzle>Problem #1 was how to get the server to tell the 
tbaetzle>browser that it's delivering a japanese document.
tbaetzle>I hacked that by creating a MIME type named
tbaetzle>text/html;charset=iso-2022-jp for the extension jhtml.
tbaetzle>I doubt it's the way it was supposed to be done, but
tbaetzle>at least it seemed to work. Or can anybody offer a
tbaetzle>hint of how I can do this better with Apache? A SJIS 
tbaetzle>document which I created in NJStar displayed just 
tbaetzle>fine - which led to problem 

Hi Thomas,

The apache web server (version 1.2+) can be configured to negotiate
language specific content with the directive <AddLanguage>:

and for browsers pre HTTP/1.1 you can use the <LanguagePriority> directive
to set which language is delivered first.

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