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Re: tlug: Umlauts & Kanji

tlug note from (Jim Breen)
On Sep 15, 11:48am, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= wrote:
} Subject: tlug: Umlauts & Kanji
>> I hacked that by creating a MIME type named
>> text/html;charset=iso-2022-jp for the extension jhtml.
>> I doubt it's the way it was supposed to be done, but
>> at least it seemed to work. 

AFAIK, that's the kosher way to do it. I do it with "chars=x-euc-jp"
inside a <meta ... >

>>  problem #2: how can I mix German 
>> and Japanese, or rather Umlauts and Kana/Kanji in 
>> the same frame? The way I understand what I read in 
>> Lunde, it's not possible to mix those with SJIS, since 
>> the Umlauts are not included in the character table. 
>> How'bout Unicode? Anybody interested in more
>> results should I ever get them?

At present I think you need to do it by coding your Japanese as
iso-2022-jp. For the two-byte codes such as EUC and SJIS, the code ranges
collide with those in iso-8859-1, so the normal way of doing "Latin"
diacritic marks is not available.

Unicode will, of course, fix all this.


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